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Performance Coaching:

A generic view!

Coaching has become a buzz word. Coaching  means “to help a person or an employee to reach where he want to” or to become what he wants to”. Coaching is always customized and personalized concept.

Our View of Performance Coaching:

In fact there is no universal rule of thumb for performance coaching. After going through lots of literature and practically coaching hundreds of professionals I settle down for this below definition:

“To unleash the untaped potential of an individual to maximize his own performance”. In coaching we do not teach the subject but we make him learn from the real case scanerio and raise his acceptance level to change.

Here are two types of coaching.

  1. Performance Coaching in need:  In this type of coaching a coach is hired to coach someone to help him to move upward on his professional ledder. In this type of coaching coach analyzes the subject where is right now and how he can move up in his career.
  2. Performance Coaching as a part of Perfromance Dialogues:  This is day to day performance coaching at workplace where all the exacutives who has the supervisory roles coach the people who reports to them. It can be between two employees and also between a consultant and an employee.

In this type of coaching a clear objective is set out to impact the behavior of the subject to attain the desired outcomes.

Benifits of Performance Coaching:

  • Enhanced performance and broader understanding of accountability
  • Enhanced relationship building capability
  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Enhanced sense of ownership