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Performance Management System

“Performance Management System (PMS) is a strategic tool which enhances performance of employees that definitely leads to effectiveness of organizations”.


A solid approach to Performance Management System yield to a capable, highly functioning and productive workforce.

We do not rely on the theoretical fanciful expectations, rather we have factual, realistic and practical approach with our Time Tested Set of Tools to analyze the current state, then to conceive the proposed one and lastly to execute the same as your new Performance Management System.  

In any organization, regardless of the size, it is important to understand what their people are expected to do, what are they actually doing? And how company measures what is actually being done in order to generate profits? It all depends on the system in place for not only setting the right benchmarks for performance but to measure it. Performance management is a strategic approach which guarantees creating and sustaining enhanced performance in employees.

It starts from the forecast every organization have for its long term 3-5 years direction, then setting the right KPIs, and PIs, and fostering the right supervisory behaviors to make that forecast yielded to real numbers on the floor. Making it all possible there are number of tools to be utilized and “Management Control and Reporting System” becomes a central part of it.

Following are the 3 main components of great Performance Management System.

1. Management Control and Reporting System (MCRS): Maturity of PMS depends upon the maturity of MCRS. If management has clear long term and short term goals that are well planned and cascaded from higher management to middle and then on the floor, the control would be clearer and stronger.

2. Right Tools To Be Used: Trying to chop down a tree with hammer would take days, on the other hand if you do it with an axe it would take a few minutes. Same goas to the digital tools to manage your areas on the floor. Right tools enable the people to give instructions, assignments and follow ups.

3. Right Mindset:  Right mindset is imperative to the overall success of the performance management system. Constant coaching to use the MCRS tools makes it easier to the full utilization of the tools which consequently enhances the performance and effectiveness.

Our Approach to Performance Management:

We believe that “only control is the control at the point of execution”. Variance management after fostering active supervisory behaviors is the distingusihed factor in our way of working. Below are the distinguished strategies we work on;

  1. Implementing Performance dialogues among different levels of management
  2. Creating common lanaguage of the company
  3. Monitoring and managing the KPIs
  4. Implementing clear and concise digital reporting mechanism