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Pursuit Management Consulting is dedicated to solving complex business problems for the companies who seek to improve their asset performance, human capital and operational strategy.

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Ubaid Ullah

Ubaid Ullah – an engineer by education, a consultant and trainer by profession, but above all, a visionary who transcends the conventional boundaries of his field and dared to defy the confines of a traditional 9-5 existence in pursuit of his true calling. After serving for 11 years in private organizations such as Ittehad Chemicals, Haleeb Foods and Coca-Cola, in 2016, Ubaid decided to say goodbye to conventional level living and embark on a journey of significance level living. His journey is a testament to the power of self- discovery and the courage to follow one’s passion. Yet, beneath the surface, a restless spirit yearned for something more, something beyond the confines of routine and predictability. It was this innate thirst for exploration that led him to take a leap of faith – abandoning the comfort of familiarity to embark on a quest for self-realization. Through soul-searching and introspection, he unearthed a profound revelation: his true passion lay not merely in the technicalities of his craft, but in the transformative power of sharing knowledge and inspiring others.


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A project led by Mr. Ubaid at Haier, is truly commendable. Through his expertise in ‘Art of Bringing Value Through Lean,’ Mr. Ubaid has demonstrated an exceptional ability to identify and eliminate waste, fostering a culture of efficiency and value creation within one of the most respected organizations.

His approach to facilitating a thinking process that opens up new possibilities is not only innovative but also essential for continuous improvement and business growth. His dedication to changing perspectives and equipping teams with the frameworks to bring more value to their business is a testament to his prowess as a trainer and consultant.

Even though I did not personally attend his session, the feedback from participants and the visible outcomes of his project at Haier speak volumes. His ability to engage teams, ignite a passion for learning, and make a tangible impact on business operations is remarkable.


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