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We empower our clients who seek to improve Asset Performance, Human Capital and Operational Strategy to solve their business problems.


Equip Employees with Active Supervisory Behaviors and Digital Toolkit to Kick-Start Transformational Growth and Lasting Change.

Asset Performance

Get rid of Downtimes and Reliability Issues and Save Tons of Money just by Applying Simple yet Effective Principles of Asset Performance Management.

Cost Smart

Implement Smart Manufacturing Practices, to Support Business and Cost Competitiveness by Optimizing Resources.

Our Core Service

We are specialist in building Performance Management Systems both, for your “People” and “Assets”. For people (Employees) we set clear roles, expectations, KPIs and equip them with modern digital tools to become more capable and valuable for the organization to achieve its financial and strategic objectives.

Moreover, we build a strong “Management Control and Reporting System” across the organization.
For assets, we build a system to get most value from them and how to keep them running more efficiently. What assets are more critical to your business and to set up their maintenance strategy is our core job.

What we do

Management Control & Reporting System

Cost Reduction & Resource Optimization

KPIs and Digital Reporting Mechanisms

Asset Performance & Reliability Management

Work Order Management System & Enhanced OEE

Performance Dialogs & On the Floor Coaching

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We Care for Your Concerns

How Pursuit Management Consulting is different from others?

Pursuit management consulting’s holistic and at the same time meticulous approach to understand your business problems apart it from several others. We build human centered, digital, and sustainable systems, where everybody wants to belong.

What one-on-one coaching on the floor has to do with our business?

It unlocks the real potential and removes all the roadblocks to improve performance which consequently leads to accomplish personnel aspirations and business objectives.

What KPIs do for any business to set it up for success?

Developing KPIs to measure department’s progress is only one part and the other part is to set up the reporting criteria because every KPI has to be reported and reviewed in the light of variance, and targets for KPIs need to be updated frequently to move up on the ladder of success.

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